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When you board your dog with us, they become part of the Pleasant Pooch family!  Our facility is always clean, safe, and full of fun!  Unlike most boarding programs, we believe that daycare, one-on-one playtime, medication administering, walks, and love should all be included in your dogs stay.  You tell us what you need for your pooch and we will make it happen.  We feed your dog their food to prevent upset stomachs.  We have beds for them to sleep on and they are fed on their normal schedule.  You should not have to pay extra for exercise time or attention!

Your dog will experience a social daycare setting all day in our indoor/outdoor facility.  We have four separate outdoor play yards and well as three indoor play areas.  Special needs dogs and less active dogs can hang out with staff in the non-play areas.  We house a very small amount of dogs compared to our competition, so the atmosphere is much more quiet and relaxed.  We board a lot of dogs with extreme anxiety issues and they are very relaxed here!  We will treat your dog as one of our own and make sure they have the best experience possible.  Our goal is to have them begging to come back!

Boarding Rates (priced per night):

Dog 1  $34.00
Dog 2  $22.00
Dog 3  $18.00
Dog 4  $16.00

The day starts when your dog is dropped off and the next day begins at 11:00 AM the following morning.  Any dog not picked up before 11:00 AM will be charged the appropriate daycare or boarding fee.  if you pick up your dog before 11:00 AM, you are not charged for that day.  If you pick up after 11:00 AM Monday through Saturday, you are charged the reduced daycare fee (see our Daycare page for pricing info).  We do not offer daycare on Sundays, so the full day boarding fee will be applied if not picked up by 11:00 AM.

You must fill out and return the boarding application at the bottom of this page before we can confirm your reservation.  We can't officially hold your spot until we have you in our system! 

Boarding Application

Prepaid Boarding Packages (no refunds):

Looking for a way to save $$ this trip?  Our prepaid boarding packages are a great way to save on your dog's boarding needs!  These prepaid packages never expire and any leftover nights can be used on future boarding reservations.  Payment for a prepaid package is due at or before the time of drop off.  Prepaid boarding packages are not eligilble for refunds.

  • 5 days 1 Dog $160, 2 Dogs $265, 3 Dogs $355, 4 Dogs $435

  • 10 days 1 Dog $310, 2 Dogs $510, 3 Dogs $690, 4 Dogs $850

  • 15 days 1 Dog $435. 2 Dogs $735, 3 Dogs $1005, 4 Dogs $1245

  • 30 days 1 Dog $850, 2 Dogs $1450, 3 Dogs $1990, 4 Dogs $2470

Vaccination Requirements:

Before their visit to Pleasant Pooch, all dogs 16 weeks of age and older must have current Bordetella, Distemper, and Rabies vaccines. 
If you have a puppy between 10-15 weeks old, we require them to be current on Bordetella and their appropriate rounds of puppy vaccines (no less than 2 rounds of shots).  If your puppy received their first vaccines at 8 weeks of age, we require them to have 3 rounds of puppy vaccines.  This policy is vet-recommended, because vaccines given at 8 weeks of age are not full strength.  
We require all dogs at our facility to receive the 6-month Bordetella vaccine.  If your dog received the annual Bordetella vaccine more than 6 months ago, they will need to receive a Bordetella booster before their stay with us.  Kennel cough (Bordetella) is most commonly spread through nose-to-nose contact.  While the annual Bordetella vaccine is typically sufficient for dogs who stay home, it can lose some of its effectiveness after 6 months.  The 6-month version of the vaccine is more appropriate for dogs who are going to be in a social setting like ours.  This vet-recommended policy helps your dog and our other clients' dogs be happy and healthy during their stay. 
If you dog needs to have their vaccines updated, it is recommended that you update your dog at least two weeks before staying at Pleasant Pooch.  This way, your dog and our other clients' dogs stay happy and healthy!
Boarding Application:

To create your Pleasant Pooch account and make a boarding reservation, please complete the following paperwork based on the number of dogs you will be boarding.  If you will be boarding more than 4 dogs, please email us.

Note: Download the application first, then fill it out.  If you type on your web browser before downloading it, your text will be lost.

Need help digitally signing your form?  Adobe Acrobat Reader comes pre-loaded to most computers.  Open the file using Adobe, then click on the first signature field and follow the instructions that pop up.


Online e-sign tools are another option!  Most are encrypted, secure, and free!  One such tool is SmallPDF.  

For the fastest response, please email us at

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