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During daycamp, all of our dogs are dropped off between 7AM-10AM and picked up between 3PM-6PM. We have small play groups and designated nap times to reduce stress and make sure no one gets overstimulated! 

Every day we have a different scheduled activity that is included with daycamp & boarding. These are great for keeping the dogs engaged and having fun! These activities are a great form of enrichment so dogs can be physically and mentally stimulated.  Please see the monthly calendar page for the calendar of scheduled events for the month.


We do require an interview day before coming to daycamp with us to make sure our facility is a good fit. Please email to set one up!

All pets must be up to date on 6 month Bordetella, Distemper, Canine Influenza & Rabies before coming into our facility

We do not require pets to be spayed or neutered to stay with us. However, we do not allow females in heat to stay with us. Please keep this in mind when scheduling.


Daycamp (Reservation Required):

1 Dog: $34.00

2 Dogs: $58.00

3 Dogs: $80.00

4 Dogs: $98.00

Monthly Membership:

$500 on the 1st of the month


  • Daycamp Mon-Fri

  • 2 Complimentary baths during the month

  • Automatically signed up for our monthly party

  • Daycamp is still available on days when daycamp and/or boarding is full 


Daycamp Application:

To make a daycamp reservation, please complete the following paperwork based on the number of dogs you have.  If you will be bringing more than 4 dogs, please email us.

Note: Download the application first, then fill it out.  If you type on your web browser before downloading it, your text will be lost.


Please email the completed paperwork to Please include your name as well as the dates you are looking at in the email.

1 Dog

2 Dogs

3 Dogs

4 Dogs

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